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Q: Why do you need GPS Truck Tracking?

A: Reduce your operating costs!

  • Speeding drivers decrease your fuel economy by 15-25%.
    Can you afford the extra cost on your fuel bill?
  • Vehicles consume .7 gallons of fuel for every hour spent idling.
    One customer calculated they were spending more than 100K annually in idle-time.
  • Increase productivity and reduce overtime.
    One fleet manager reported his payroll savings alone paid for his entire annual GPS investment.
  • Aggressive drivers increase your companies liability.
    One bad driver can ruin a company financially.

Customer Quotes

We have used JETT-Track in three of our service trucks for about six months now and it has done a good job tracking our trucks. Last Thursday, December 4th, it did an exceptional job for us. Our 2008 Ford 250 service truck, loaded with tools, was stolen from a job site. Our guys called the Atlanta police and then called in for us to track the truck. I had forgotten about the locate feature and I can tell you, it works really well. Within a minute I saw where the truck was and called back to the police. We arrived on the scene a few minutes later to find the police already there with two suspects handcuffed and laying on the ground. The police told us that the alley where the truck was is notorious for stripping cars. They couldn't remember having any other stolen vehicle recovered within 15 minutes and said that in another hour there would have been little left of the truck. As it was, we lost nothing. Nice job JETT-Track!

"Recently, a staff member noticed that a van had not returned for the night. We were able to track the location of the vehicle online and contact the Bexar County Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department, with cooperation from the San Antonio Police Department, was able to dispatch officers to follow the vehicle and apprehend the driver at a safe location. All of this took place in under two hours. We are very pleased that we have our vehicle back and the driver was safely apprehended before he caused further harm to himself or others".

"With JETT-Track we know the instant the ignition is turned on and can track more reliably, plus we are saving money every month with the service."

"We installed a GPS truck tracking system last year so we can monitor our drivers and make sure they are not speeding and remain safe while they are working. An added benefit is we know when a job starts, when they go to lunch and when the job has been completed. This will save us on payroll and paperwork costs."

Take control of your fleet!

JETT-Track gives fleet owners and managers the power to monitor their fleet vehicles 24/7/365 and make money saving decisions on the fly. Many of our customers have realized a full return on their investment (ROI) in weeks, some within just a few days. We're eager to help you find ways to become our next success story, and we're available to serve you. Call (877) 674-6966 or email

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